Our Cooperative

Management Department

Depto. Gerencia Jaime Salazar

Depto. Gerencia
Jaime Salazar

We are a cooperative company and we are proud of what we have achieved so far. We are committed to moving forward and continuing to consolidate ourselves as a social enterprise, in the various fields in which we operate and the different activities that we carry out in the present and future.

At Coopecerroazul R.L, we do things differently from others and we are in the process of constant innovation. We are a company committed to the social good and the quality of the services offered to our associates and customers.

We invite you to visit us and that you can join our projects and proposals, with the aim of building a better memory in our communities. To conquer new goals that will make us better people and provide a decent life for everyone. We are farmers of Guanacaste and we live in the heart of the blue zone of the Nicoya peninsula.

Administrative Council

Presidente del Consejo Administrativo Juan Miguel Alvarado

President of the Administrative Council of Coopecerroazul R.L Juan Miguel Alvarado

Coopecerroazul R. L, is a cooperative company constituted by small and medium producers of Nandayure Guanacaste and is the product of the work, humility and dedication of many people who continue to sow for a better future.

We are a source of social economic development and for years we have generated many resources for the community, through projects, financing and job creation.

Coopecerroazul R.L Departments


Dept.Beneficio Coopecerroazul R.l

Coffee processing plant

In coopecerroazul R.L we have a modern coffee processing plant and a trained and qualified staff for the management of the equipment. Together we managed to preserve the quality of our product.


Coopecerroazul R. L has several department stores and hardware stores, located at strategic points for the marketing of supplies to our associates and customers based on their needs and thus offering quality products at the best prices.

Asistencia técnica al asociado Technical assistance

The cooperative have the technical assistance programs for guide and advise associated with good practices, rational and adequate management of supplies and inputs in harmony with health and the environment.

Zona Azules

We are a cooperative at the forefront of marketing processes with a great team and associates who have managed to establish a better sales experience.