Toast and Milled of Café Pampa


Coopezerroazul RL has had the commercialization of coffee its main activity. This product has become the main source of income not only for the cooperative as a company but also to the families of the producers. Also working aa a bridge between the interests of the Cooperative and the associates. However the production of coffee has been affected and compromised. Due to this situation we have force ourselves to search for new options and ways to increase the productivity in the area.
The Cooperative Council and the Management area has appointed the necessity of looking for new mechanisms to increase the projection to the associate. Enable him or her to become eco-friendly and capable to achieve equilibrium even in front of the economic difficulties the country is facing. Especially in the agropecuary sector.

The project “Café Pampa” suggest an improvement in the competitiveness in the systems of production. Through the creation of an adding value. While the truth is that the coffee is the main activity of the associates it has become a real challenge for the Cooperative.

During the past 3 years the cooperative has pointed out that costs of maintaining the crops are high and difficult to be afford by single producers.  Furthermore the international coffee prices as raw material are very low. That is the reason why industrialization is vital to make the coffee activity profitable.

The project “Café Pampa” consists in making that the cooperative brand incursionate in the mainstream market. At national level at first. Both in the milled and toasted presentations. This will be achieve once the industrial plant in situ is able to process at least 25% of the product recollected from the associates. There for improving the income per product made.