Cítricos la Península

Cítricos la Península

The citriculture has been practice in the Peninsula of Nicoya for the last 15 years. But it was not until 2016 that the practice consolidates. Also 2016 was the year Coopecerroazul RL entered to the arena of citrus, as a promoter and a marketer in the 4 cantones.

The diversification of some coffee producers to citrics especially oranges has its roots in the 90’s. When several producers in need from improvement of their regular income vow to plant oranges in their properties usually reserve for coffee.

“In times of coffee crisis, the orange is a lifesaver. In Guanacaste both the soil and the climate helps the crop. And then, when we take it to the market given that the national production was very low the commercialization came easy” Jaime Salazar, Coopecerroazul RL General Manager. Source centralamericaData.com

For 2017 Coopecerrozaul is advancing the citric project by starting a new process plant. That will process a fresh product ready for the consumption in both juice presentation and natural presentation.

The project Objectives

Among the main objectives are:

  • Increase the productivity
  • Increase the areas destiny to citrics. For both the cooperative and the Peninsula
  • Project the orange to the rest of the cantones of the Peninsula de Guanacaste to promote the citriculture of Guanacaste.
  • To create a recollection center for the producers so they don’t have to sell their products to intermediares. And will receive a proper payment for their labour.