Mission, vision and Values of coopecerroazul R.L

Our Mission of Coopecerroazul R.L

“We are Cooperative of coffee and citric farmers, agricultures and providers of variety of first necessity services. Aiming to procure progress and wellbeing to our associates, their families and our community. Under compromises as equality and accessibility despise gender or condition. Through the industrialization and commercialization of products and services that satisfy our clients expectations.  Working with the values and principle of the cooperativism idea. Remaining responsible and respectful of the environment.”

Our Vision of Coopecerroazul R.L

“We will be a cooperative of agricultural production and multiple services. Of visionary people and capable associates and entrepreneurs. Offering alternatives of products and services to our clients. Propitiating economic growth to our associates and their families. All of this while protecting the environment”

Our Values

  • Honesty: To always act properly. With truthiness towards our members in every situation.
  • Humanism: To be a compromise with the human been and the environment. Behaving with respect in every interaction regardless of credo, politics or income.
  • Responsibility: As a company we assure the people we will remain responsible of our acts and behaviours. And guaranty our associates the fulfilment of the compromises we acquire.
  • Social Responsibility: We are a cooperative compromise with the development of our community and ready to help and collaborate with those instances and institutions that we help us to reach such goal.
  • Equiality: All our associates have the same rights as the company no distinction would be made.
  • Transparency: We are a company that projects itself as transparent in regard to the information share with our associates and employees.
  • Democracy: The associates without exception have the right to contribute in the decision making, voting process and contributing with ideas and propositions regarding the cooperative.
  • Fairness: We behave guarding the fair treatment of our members. The income and earnings are and will be distributed according the acts of the members.